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    Great Stuff™ Heavy-Duty Caulk Guns were designed with the tradesmen in mind. Packed with unique features, the 29-Ounce heavy-duty caulk gun makes caulking effortless and comfortable for all-day use. The steel push rod mechanism provides a 12:1 thrust ratio for caulking materials. The silent squeeze mechanism prevents squeaking when activated, while still ensuring sufficient pressure. Ergonomically designed handles are dipped in rubber, providing a comfortable and secure grip for all-day use. The built-in poker is permanently attached and makes starting the caulking effortless. The adjustable dripless mechanism ensures that the caulk does not continue to flow, preventing a mess from being created.

    • Adjustable dripless mechanism pulls back the push rod ensuring caulk does not continue to flow.
    • The squeeze mechanism prevents squeaking when the trigger is activated.
    • Heavy-duty 5/16" steel push rod provides a 12:1 thrust ratio for heavy/high viscosity materials. Barrel and handle made from high quality, heavy-duty steel to ensure a long life.
    • Revolving frame allows the barrel of the caulk dispenser to rotate, making maintaining orientation effortless when caulking around corners.
    • Ergonomically designed handles coated in rubber provide a comfortable grip for all-day use. 
  • Q.

    Is there a cutter attached?


    There is no cutter attached, we recommend using a utility knife to get the perfect cut.


    What is the rod on the barrel of the dispenser?


    The rod on the side of the caulk dispenser is used to pierce the seal of your tube, allowing caulk to begin flowing through the nozzle.


    What is a thrust ratio?


    Thrust ratio relates to the amount of force generated each time you squeeze the hand trigger. The higher the ratio, the more force exerted with each squeeze. As an example; a 12:1 thrust ratio means you squeeze the trigger 24 times before reaching the end, where a 7:1 ratio means you will only squeeze 14 times to cover the same distance. We recommend using higher thrust ratios on higher viscosity caulks/sealants. 


    How do I get the longest life out of my caulk dispenser?


    We recommend that you regularly wash and lubricate the dispenser after use, especially in the location of the thrust mechanism.

When to Use

Pipe and Plumbing Penetrations



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