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    Great Stuff Pro™ Gasket is a one-component, water-based foam applied to the top plate, bottom plate and around the perimeter of all rough openings. Specially designed to create a flexible, compressible, air seal that will stay in place when drywall is installed. Unlike traditional polyurethane-based foam sealants, this water-based solution and the specially designed gun can be easily cleaned with a garden hose and the included cleanout adapter.*

    *Follow all directions for proper cleaning and disposal. Use only the special blue-handled 

    Great Stuff Pro™ Gasket Dispensing Gun is to be used with Great Stuff Pro™ Gasket. Do not use other Great Stuff Pro™ products in this gun.

    • Reusable for up to 90 days when left attached to GREAT STUFF PRO™ Dispensing Gun with the blue handle. Shake vigorously for 60 seconds before use.
    • Improves air sealing between drywall and frame
    • Compresses when cured to prevent bowing issues with drywall
    • Helps meet stricter energy codes
    • Air cures in 2 to 24 hours
    • Reduces moisture, mold, pollutants and allergens
    • Easy cleanup of the gun and uncured drips and spills
    • Has shown an 83% improvement over caulk in this application.
    • High adhesion to top plate prevents material from ripping off during drywall installation
    • High Yield of approximately 250 linear feet or more at ½” wide bead
    • Fast and easy install
    • Easy water cleanup—Less gun maintenance and long tool life.
  • Q.

    What is Great Stuff Pro™ Gasket?


    Great Stuff Pro™ Gasket is a flexible, water-based, one-component foam designed to form an interior gasket between framing lumber and drywall, which improves air sealing performance. Material is applied and allowed to dry to the face of the top plate, bottom plate and around the perimeter of all rough openings before installing drywall. The unique gasket performance allows product use without any changes to construction sequencing.


    Where is the preferred application location?


    Any location where drywall will be installed tight against framing lumber is particularly suitable for Great Stuff Pro™ Gasket. In particular, the face of top plates, bottom plates and the framing around rough window and door openings, as well as inside and outside framing corners.





    Can I continue to use my current drywall installation methods?



    Once dried, Great Stuff Pro™ Gasket is designed to tolerate standard drywall installation techniques, including when boards are placed against the wall studs and slid up to meet the ceiling drywall. While this motion may deform the round gasket bead profile to a "shark fin", it will remain in place on the top plate and keep its thickness to seal the gap between the top plate and back side of the drywall.


    Can I clean the Great Stuff™ Blue gun?


    The water-based product can be cleaned from the Blue handled gun with the cleanout adapter provided in the Great Stuff Pro™ Dispensing Gun packaging. Remove the empty can, dispense residue from the gun, screw the adapter into the gun's basket, screw this assembly onto a garden hose or similar source of water.

    • Flush 4-8 oz of water through the gun until it runs clear.
    • The gun can be left wet, or excess water blown out with 10-20psi compressed air if available.
    • Dispose of the rinse water as you would the washings of a latex paint brush. Do not dump into sewer, on ground or in a body of water.

    How can I store Great Stuff Pro™ Gasket if I don't use the entire can?


    The can may be left attached to the Blue Great Stuff Pro™ Dispensing Gun for up to 90 days. Close the adjustment dial and store up-right where the can will not be punctured. To restart, shake vigorously for 60 seconds, dispense a small amount of foam into a trash can until normal bead expansion is observed.  Proceed with normal application


    Is Great Stuff Pro™ Gasket an insulation?


    No. This product is an air sealant and functions best when compressed as a gasket.

    • Best results if used when product temperature ranges from 60-90°F. Do not allow it to freeze.
    • If the can sputters, simply shake it some more with the can upside down.
    • Great Stuff Pro™ Gasket can be cleaned with just water. Do NOT use Great Stuff™ Foam Cleaner with Great Stuff Pro™ Gasket or the Drywall Dispensing Gun. Instead, use the included hose adapter to flush water through the gun into an appropriate waste receptacle.
    • Let cure before the drywall is installed. It is recommended to let Great Stuff Pro™ Gasket sit overnight as it can take up to 20 hours for full cure in high humidity situations.
    • Do not use any other Great Stuff Pro™ products in the Drywall Gasket gun.
    • Use a 1/2" wide bead for best results.
    • The bead will shrink and wrinkle in high humidity. However, as long as the bead maintains at least a 1/8” height, it will perform as designed, depending on the framing.
    • If humidity exceeds 70%, we recommend a target bead of 5/8”-3/4”. Do not exceed a 3/4” initial bead to prevent sagging.

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