Insulating Foam Sealants

Gaps & Cracks Foam Sealant Contractor Kit

  • Everything you need for the job in one convenient kit: Includes 2 Cans of Great Stuff Pro Gaps and Cracks 24oz, 1 Great Stuff Foam Dispenser Gun, 4 Plastic Nozzles, 4 Plastic Straws, 1 Can of Great Stuff Cleaner 12oz, and 1 Pack of 12 Nitrile Gloves.
  • Expands to fill, seal, and insulate gaps up to 3 inch (76mm)
  • Forms a long-lasting, airtight, weather-resistant seal
  • Orange-colored foam for easy inspection identification
  • Product Details

    The convenience of the Great Stuff™ Gaps & Cracks Foam Sealant Kit has everything you need to reduce unwanted airflow and improve energy efficiency all around the home. Gaps & Cracks expands to fill openings, creating long-lasting, fire-rated seals around plumbing and electricity penetrations, duct work, sill plates, and rim joists.


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    Great Stuff™ Gaps & Cracks expands to fill openings creating a long-lasting airtight and water-resistant, fire-rated seal around plumbing, electricity penetrations, duct work, sill plates, and rim joists.

    • Kit includes:
    • 2 cans 20 oz Great Stuff Pro™ Gaps & Cracks Foam
    • 1 Great Stuff™ Foam Dispenser Gun
    • 4 Plastic Nozzles, 4 - Plastic Straws
    • 1 can Great Stuff Pro™ Foam Cleaner
    • 1 pack of Nitrile Gloves

    • Expands to fill, seal, and insulate gaps up to 3 inch (76mm)
    • Forms a long-lasting, airtight, weather-resistant seal
    • Helps keep insects, moisture/condensation and allergens out
    • Adheres to wood, metal, masonry, glass and most plastics
    • Fireblock formulated
    • Interior/exterior use1
    • Tack-free in 3-10 minutes2; trimmable in one hour
    • Paintable, stainable and sandable
    • Orange-colored foam for easy inspection identification
    • UL classified

    1 Skin of cured foam can discolor if exposed to natural light. Paint or coat foam for the best results.

    2 70 ± 5°F and 50 ± 5 % RH, 1-inch bead diameter, 6-inch length. The cure rate is dependent on temperature, humidity, and size of the foam bead.

    • Mist with water to speed cure.
    • Trim cured foam with serrated blade.
    • Any uncured product that gets on the skin can be removed with acetone.
    • If applied outdoors, be sure to paint or cover foam to prevent discoloration and UV damage.
    • GREAT STUFF PRO™ Polyurethane Foams may be reused for up to 30 days when left attached to the applicator gun and when following proper storage procedures.
    • Shake can vigorously for a minimum of 60 seconds. Tightly secure the can onto the gun before opening the valve to ensure that the can is properly threaded onto the gun basket to prevent leaks. With the can secured, set your desired bead size by adjusting the flow control knob on the back of the gun (bead can be adjusted from 1/8"-3"). Then, pull the trigger to fill the gun with foam, dispensing excess foam into an appropriate waste receptacle. Lastly, test the bead size before applying.
    • Best results if used when product temperature ranges from 60-90°F (15-32°C). The can should not be exposed to temperatures more than 120°F. Cured foam should not be exposed to temperatures in excess of 240°F.
    • Store upright with a foam dispensing gun attached.
    • When applying Great Stuff™ Polyurethane Foam, make sure to wear PPE, including proper eye protection, gloves, and long sleeve clothing.
    • Extinguish any open flames before applying foam
  • Q.Can I clean the Great Stuff™ Black gun?



    Unscrew used Great Stuff Pro™ from dispensing gun.

    Clean the gun basket and tip by generously spraying and removing uncured foam with Great Stuff™ Foam Cleaner.

    Invert the can and install the cleaner onto the dispensing gun.

    Press the trigger to flush the foam into waste receptable until only the cleaner is visible.

    Allow gun to sit for several minutes and repeat with a second flush.

    Remove the can from the dispensing gun and spray into waste receptacle without the can until the gun is completely empty.

    Q.Can any Great Stuff Pro™ product be used as a fireblock for penetrations?


    Great Stuff Pro™ Gaps & Cracks Polyurethane Foam Sealant is a minimal-expanding, single-component polyurethane foam sealant for general purpose building envelope air sealing and retrofit applications. It has been tested and approved as an alternative fireblock material.

    Great Stuff Pro™ Gaps & Cracks is bright orange colored foam for easy code identification.

    Impedes spread of fire and smoke through service penetrations.

    Recognized as an alternate fireblocking material for residential construction.

    Tested according to ASTM E84, ASTM E814 (modified), UL 1715.

    Seals service penetrations between floors.

    Fireblocking is defined by the International Building Code as the use of approved building materials installed in concealed spaces to resist the migration of fire and hot gases.

    Great Stuff™ Fireblock Insulating Foam Sealant impedes the spread of fire and smoke. It’s intended for use in residential application to maintain the continuity of an approved fire block material. Not to be used in firestop applications

    Q.How do I get Great Stuff™ foam off of my skin?


    If the foam has not cured or hardened, use fingernail polish remover (with acetone); a polyglycol-based skin cleanser or corn oil may be effective. Then wash with soap and plenty of water. If the foam has hardened, there is no solvent that will remove it. It will not harm your skin and will wear off over time. To remove cured foam from skin, use a pumice stone (available at most drug stores) and warm, soapy water. Then apply petroleum jelly.

    Q.What is the difference between Great Stuff™ and Great Stuff Pro™ products?


    There are two key differences between Great Stuff™ and Great Stuff Pro™ products:

    Great Stuff™ uses a straw dispenser; Great Stuff Pro™ has both straw- and gun-applicator options to dispense foam.

    Can sizes are larger with Great Stuff Pro™ series, so yield is greater.

    Q.Where can I use Great Stuff Pro™ Gaps & Cracks?


    Great Stuff™ and Great Stuff Pro™ products can be used in a variety of interior and exterior applications, most commonly in air sealing and home retrofit applications. Common Applications include:

    Electrical wire penetrations

    Gas line penetrations

    Plumping and pipe penetrations


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